Examples of Leadership

As stated elsewhere, leadership is relevant everywhere and engages us all. Below are some specific examples of leadership roles in a diverse collection of settings:

1. The head of a household:

  • manages family finances
  • manages maintenance of the home
  • makes investment choices and investment management decisions
  • decides how to protect the household
  • arranges for the education of minors
  • arranges for the health care of all dependents

2. A college student:

  • decides how and when to study
  • makes arrangements to finance education including loan and part time work applications
  • selects course work with a view to expanding own horizons and developing sufficient knowledge to gain employment or pursue higher level studies
  • engages in extracurricular activities for enhanced exposure to areas of personal interest

3. Parent in unplanned pregnancy:

  • decides whether to have the child
  • decides whether to commit to being a parent or place the child in another's care
  • decides how best to provide for the child's developmental needs
  • determines how to balance personal development (additional education, job training) with the current and future needs of the child
  • seeks to create a support infrastructure

4. Executive hired to turn around an ailing company:

  • assesses the performance of junior and senior employees and decides which are performing well and which poorly
  • assesses the firm's offerings (products and services) and decides which should be discontinued
  • determines which global and industry trends are of greatest relevance to the firm
  • re-engineers offerings as needed
  • placates clients and suppliers if deemed necessary
  • fires people who harm the firm's interests
  • trades off risk and return among investment choices

5. Athlete:

  • finds a coach and or team
  • commits to a training schedule
  • learns about own body and makes the choices necessary to maintain peak performance
  • formulates strategy for winning
  • makes real-time tactical decisions on the court or field with the objective of winning the contest
  • in team play, leads by example
  • makes a social impact by becoming a community role model

6. Artist:

  • chooses a medium through which to express self
  • decides what to create
  • makes a social statement in selection of materials and subject matter
  • challenges the establishment with creative interpretations
  • inspires others with aesthetic and or dramatic presentations

7. Medical practitioner:

  • commits to a life of service
  • continuously studies latest techniques
  • makes critical life and death decisions during emergency treatment
  • guides patients through difficult decisions
  • instructs patients and their care givers with a view to protecting and nurturing patients

8. Politician:

  • formulates a platform of policies designed to respond to the needs of constituents
  • campaigns fiercely during elections
  • makes policy and legislative decisions consistent with personal and community needs and values
  • inspires competing or warring parties to follow a unified cause
  • mediates conflicts

9. Leader of religious congregation:

  • commits to a life of service
  • accepts the tenets of chosen religion and lives life according to strict codes of behavior
  • inspires others to explore spirituality
  • supports members of congregation through happy and sad times
  • confronts tyrants and others whose behavior is inconsistent with religious code of conduct